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22 June, 2022 by
Sonia Ayo

The highest levels of security are critical when it comes to protecting your home. While standard video surveillance helps secure interior and outdoor spaces, it falls short of alerting you when you have an unwanted intruder.

Which is why  HC24 Video Analytics integration in your home can help you detect suspicious activity early so you can take action, helping you eliminate time wasted going through months of footage from each installed camera and the inability to access it from wherever you are instantly.

HC24 video analytic consistently interpret and comprehend events based on the trajectories produced by identifying and tracking individuals in a video in order to pinpoint certain actions. this enables the system to distinguish between common and routine behavior and unusual 

Advantages of HC24 Video Analytics 

  • HC24 Video Analytics aids in the detection and deterrence of illegal activity not only inside a home but also outside on your property's perimeter. The benefit of this video analytics is that it allows for a more tailored user experience with more intelligent warnings. 

  • HC24 uses integrated advanced features like virtual tripwires and activity zones, to send you accurate push alerts when your virtual tripwire is tripped or an unexpected behaviour is identified or an unusual movement recorded. Because your system is familiar with your regular routine, you would only be notified if unusual motion is detected.

  • Using the HC24 experience app on your smartphone, you can easily access your camera recordings and check in on what's going on whenever you choose, quickly reassuring yourself that everything is in order.

  • When a specific object movement is detected, such as potential intruders, animals, or a house guest passing by in front of your house, video analytics is clever enough to decipher it and inform you. 

  • HC24 Perimeter Guard add-on via its compatible security cameras can assist in more effectively detecting these breaches. Trespassers are deterred by flashing red lights, loud sirens, and beeps from built-in LEDs and speakers. 

  • Specific notifications, such as indoor or outdoor lighting or music, are triggered if these defined areas are breached. If this happens, the HC24 experience app will send real-time notifications to your mobile device. 

  • The HC24 experience app can also be used to set up and control personal and specific rules for real-time notifications. 

Discover a new level of protection with a system that is properly installed, personalized for your house, and accessible from anywhere. 

Stay one step ahead of the game with HC24 smart home automation

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Sonia Ayo
22 June, 2022
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