Reasons why you should upgrade to Danalocks V3 smart door lock
17 April, 2022 by
Sonia Ayo

New inventive inventions are blended into technology to benefit our daily life. One of such innovations is the Danalock V3 smart locks with amazing features that can help you secure your Home while also simplifying your life.

Danalock SMART LOCKS is a trusted brand partner and has a number of great smart lock solutions available at HC24. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in the Danalock smarter security system for your house.

Digital Lock For Every for Door

You can very well say goodbye to shuffling through a bunch of keys trying to figure out what key opens what room, as well as keeping tabs on where every room key is placed.

Danalock  Interior smart door locks are also available if you have a room that you want to keep secure so that only certain people can enter. You can relax knowing that your outdoor and indoor spaces are safe. 

There are a range of sizes and styles available, as well as sorts of doorknobs and handles, to complement or blend in with your existing home decor or door.

Door Monitoring

While you're away, you can  receive short video clips of who has been at your door anytime the doorbell detects a visitor by setting notifications for specified time periods during the week. 

You can also Dial into your video doorbell quietly on the app or IQ panel to see and hear what's going on at your front door. 

While answering your doorbell on your smartphone, do quick actions such as turn on lights or unlock the door.

With the Danalock V3 You'll always know who's entering your home as a notification would pop up on your phone whenever the doors are opened or closed. 

This is a great method to keep track of when your kids get home from school or if someone tries to break in while you're at work or out and about. If you're at home, your smart locks can also notify you when visitors arrive.

Presence detection 

The Danalock Universal Module V3 is the most adaptable and versatile platform on the market. It can sense your presence and activate all of your smart home controls. 

The module is Bluetooth and Z-Wave Plus compatible.

We’ve all faced difficulty coming back home with our hands full of groceries and shopping bags and juggled finding the key. We know that the struggle is real.

In such situations, the Danalock V3 smart lock can assist you by sensing your approach and unlocking the door for you. 

You can set the Danalock V3 to re-lock the door after entering for increased convenience.

Long-lasting Battery Life

Depending on everyday use, the Danalock's battery lasts 12+ months on average. The battery level can be readily checked with the '' app on your smartphone. Whereas smart locks can be enabled, Bluetooth provides additional convenience and is quite simple to integrate into the total system.

Share access with digital key

Say goodbye to leaving keys under the foot mat or by the window. Sending electronic keys is a terrific way to let someone into your home when you aren't there. Grant other users access or connect your Danalock V3 to the internet so you can lock, unlock, and monitor it from anywhere. 

You can create an unlimited number of digital keys for family members, friends, delivery men, guests, or helpers such as a housekeeper or contractor. All you have to do is program each user's access level by selecting permanent or temporary access. In the app. You can also select to receive notifications whenever the lock is activated. 

Set a time limit for the digital key access for visitors so that it only works when they are expected or deleted their get access at any time.

Secure Homes

Unlike a standard lock, the Danalock smart door lock system provides higher safety because it cannot be picked. The older option would have been to create new locks, which would have made them easier to pick. 

Keyless entry, on the other hand, ensures that robbers cannot quickly gain access to the deadbolt with the smart lock.

Danalocks can also be linked to full-home security via remote monitoring systems that sends out alerts if any questionable activity is detected.

Burglars are put off by smart locks. If they need to get in, they'll have to hack into the Danalock’s sophisticated system, which will be difficult and time-consuming. The ability of Danalocks to alert homeowners makes it an excellent burglar deterrent.

HC24 smart automation  secure your home for the future, and keep your family and yourself safer than ever. LIVE SMARTER 

Sonia Ayo
17 April, 2022
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