Why Install a Doorbell Camera in your Home?
Ensure your family's safety from intruders by installing a doorbell camera in your home.
23 November, 2023 by
Stephen Adediren

I once had a friend who really cared about his family. He loved spending time with them a lot. One holiday, he decided to take his wife on a quick vacation to Dubai, leaving his kids at home with a nanny. The kids were having a good time, expecting a friend to visit. Then, there was a knock on the door, and the nanny went to see who it was. When she opened the door, it wasn't the expected friend but someone with a gun, demanding money and valuables. Unfortunately, they had to give in.

If my friend had a doorbell camera, this whole situation could have been avoided easily. Let me explain how. Just keep reading.

Why should you install a doorbell camera in your Home?

1. 24/7 Vigilance:

Imagine my friend had a doorbell camera installed, the nanny would have been alerted about the intruder at the door before opening it. This simple precaution could have prevented the entire situation from unfolding. A doorbell camera acts as an ever-watchful guardian for your home. With 24/7 monitoring capabilities, it provides a constant eye on your front door, ensuring that you are aware of any activity or visitors.

2. Remote Monitoring:

Keeping an eye on your home from a distance is truly valuable. With the doorbell camera, my friend could have monitored the situation at home and even called for help if needed.  Modern doorbell cameras come equipped with smart technology, allowing you to monitor your front door remotely through a mobile app. Whether you're at work or on vacation, stay connected to your home's entryway.

3. Visitor Verification:

Verify visitors before opening the door. With two-way audio features, you can communicate with guests or delivery personnel, enhancing security and providing an extra layer of control over who enters your home.

4. Evidence Collection:

If you no get evidence, you go explain tire. My friend explained tire, because no evidence that an intruder came into his home to steal from him.In the unfortunate event of a security incident like what happened to my friend, a doorbell camera can serve as valuable evidence. Recorded footage can be crucial for investigations or insurance claims, offering peace of mind in challenging situations.

5. Integration with Smart Home Systems:

Doorbell cameras seamlessly integrate with smart home systems, creating a cohesive security network. Connect your doorbell camera to other devices, such as smart locks or lights, for an enhanced and automated security setup.


Investing in a doorbell camera is not just a modern convenience; it's a proactive step towards securing your home and the well-being of your loved ones. The benefits extend beyond surveillance, providing a sense of control and peace in an ever-changing world.

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Stephen Adediren
23 November, 2023
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