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ADC Camera not functioning - How to troubleshoot

How do I troubleshoot my surveillance cameras that are not functioning or displaying any video feed?

1 Answer
Olanrewaju Aina
Best Answer

These are the steps taken to troubleshoot surveillance cameras
1. Login to your ADC account to identify the locations not showing video.
2. Be sure to check your network switch.
3. When checking your switch, identify port(s) connected but without LED light blinking.
4. Check and make sure the cable to port of the switch is firmly inserted.
5. If it is, you will have to check the other end of the cable to see if it's patched firmly to patch panel.
7. After ensuring the cable is firm at both ends, power cycle the network switch.
8. After the power cycle and no change, check the cable at the camera point.
9. Uninstall the camera, check the port of the camera, attempt disconnecting and reconnecting the cable coming from the rack.
10. If power comes up, make sure you check the app if video is coming from the camera.
11. If no video, check the RJ45 port of the camera cable, if it is burnt then no video will pass through.
12. The ports need to be replaced.


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