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How to resolve network issues from a multi-WAN router

Olanrewaju Aina

Multi-WAN means that you're able to use two different networks on a single router. How do you resolve its network issues?

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Olanrewaju Aina
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The steps taken to resolve are as follows;
1. Use a laptop and connect it to the network switch via LAN cable.
2. Ensure the LAN connection sign shows up and go to your browser( preferably google browser) and type in the IP address of the router, for example
3. If you're unsure of the IP address please download an IP scanner software such as Advanced IP scanner and do an IP scan to get the IP of the router.
4. The router in this instance was a Luxul Epic 4 router and to reset it you use a small pin and hold it down on the reset button for 15 seconds, then after a minute power cycle the router.
5. After power cycling the router should have been reset.
6. IP would change to the factory default IP which is, type in this new IP. The default login username and password are both admin.
7. Once you access the router's Web GUI go to administrator tab and change the default username and password to the former details before the router was set. Then save.
8.After that the IP would have to be changed back to the IP that was set before. You'll do this on the quick setup of the router, there you'll see the present IP which you typed into the web browser.
9. Please it is important to change it to the IP that was there before the router was reset as all other devices would have used the former IP as their gateway and would still have that setting.
10. After this, save. You won't be able to access the router's GUI page as the IP typed was the factory IP of the device.
11.Type in the new IP of the router to access the GUI page.
12. Then it's time to set the Multi-WAN on the router as we have two ISP's
13. Go to network and there is a multi-wan option.
14. Go to policies and balance it between the two networks by setting each on 50.
15. Click on apply then save.
16.Your router is all set up.
17. Connect with WIFI  enabled devices to see if you can connect to both networks.


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