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Standalone Sensor Device Replacement

How to replace standalone sensors

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Olanrewaju Aina
Best Answer

Steps on how to replace the sensors are as follows;
1. First of all test the live terminal with a tester to ensure current is on that terminal.
2. Turn of the DB to avoid electrical shock from live cable
2. On the Stand Alone sensor, there are three terminals labelled; N,L,A
3. N is neutral, L is live and A is the load.
4. After identifying which cable is for which terminal, insert them to the corresponding terminal on the new standalone sensor.
5. By default the timing is set in the middle, select the time you want your light to be turned on after sensing a person. Set towards the negative sign to reduce the time and towards the positive sign to increase time.
6. There is also another setting which has the sign of moon and sun, please set it to Sun. If set to moon, the sensor will not work in daylight due to high luminance level.
7. Set to Sun for the sensor to work anytime of the day.
8. After connecting, turn on your DB and check if your lights turn off and on.
9.  If working properly,  fit the sensor into place.


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