Business Manager, HC24

Abuja, Nigeria

                        Job Title: Business Manager

                         Grade Level: Senior Manager 

                         Direct Supervisor: CEO, HAUSBA

                        Location: Lagos

                        Main Purpose of Job: Responsible for overseeing all HC24 operations globally while providing clear direction to deliver financial targets & achieve company initiatives.

                        REQUIRED SKILLS & COMPETENCIES

                        • C-level management experience in Marketing, Sales, Operations and Product development.

                        • 3-5 years management experience in a technology start-up venture

                        • 7-9 years’ experience in Management in a reputable and established technology service distribution and/or solutions company.


                        • BSc. In Engineering

                        • MBA in Business Management

                        • MSc in Engineering

                        FUNCTIONAL JOB EXPECTATIONS


                        • Develop and execute the global marketing & sales strategy to generate a gross annual turnover of $5m, $10m & $25m in the first 3 consecutive years.

                        • Attain consistently agreed HC24 global average gross margin in every market we operate in.

                        • Design, develop and reinforce a wining competitive advantage for HC24 at all times.

                        • Develop and innovate service-based revenue business model which accounts for 50% of HC24 profitability.


                        • Design, developer and execute the global scaling strategy for HomeConnect24 in Nigeria and West Africa (Ghana, Ivory Coast) within 3 years

                        • Position HC24 as the #1 brand for home and SME business smart automation technology in every market we operate in.

                        • Fulfil the brand promise of HC24 as an Affordable and Reliable Smart home and business solutions provider in every market they operate.

                        Internal Process

                        • Document the HC24 business into a handbook which will be replicated across multiple HC24 retail stores and operations.

                        • Develop, execute and continually optimise a HC24 standard service turnaround time for delivery within 72 hours of customer purchase.

                        • Drive HC24 business scaling organically through an Employee-owned franchising model strategy.

                        • Implement and maintain a lean operational and administrative structure which maximises Employee revenue turnover greater than $200,000.00 per employee.

                        Organisational Capacity

                        • Establish a HC24 business training online academy for the on-boarding and development of HC24 dealers across West Africa.

                        • Develop and implement a world class business and customer support program which guarantees award-wining service excellence.

                        • Imbibe an SMART organisational culture that fosters Simplicity, Mindful Experience, Affordability, Reliability, Technology Innovation.

                        Other Duties
                        Provide quarterly management reports to the board of directors on the attainment of set company goals and achieved objectives.
                        Grow HC24 Earnings Per Share by a minimum progression of 10% year on.

                        Develop and implement a robust HC24 management succession plan.

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