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Your HC24 System arrives ready to use, no need for special technical installation.

However, if you need help, we will connect you to a certified professional to assist you.

If you are dissatisfied with the system within 60 days, you can return it or a full refund.



₦120,000 /yr  -  ₦500,000 setup fee
This kit is designed for small homes and apartments - typically 2 or 3-Bedroom apartments. It contains a door sensor for the front and back door, a smoke sensor for the kitchen, a video doorbell to protect and monitor your front door, with smart security light switch for the front security lights.

HC24 Smart Home Control Panel
Wireless Door Contact
Smoke Detector
Smart Light Switch
Video Doorbell Camera 1
Indoor Door Chime 1


Intermediate: HOME SECURE

₦120,000 /yr  -  ₦800,000 setup fee
Designed for average sized homes - typically 3 or 4 Bedroom terraces or duplexes. In addition to the home aware kit, we have added the smart door lock to enable you open the door for visitors without having to come downstairs.

Includes all of Home Alert products plus the following;

Smart Door Lock
Smart Door Lock Keypad
Security Motion Sensor 1


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₦150,000 /yr  -  ₦1,000,000 setup fee
Designed for average sized homes with kids. In addition to the home secure kit, we have added the Guardian Camera usually positioned in the family room or living room, to help provide constant watch over your kids when you are not around.

Includes all of  Home Secure  products plus the following;
Guardian Camera 1



₦180,000 /yr  -  ₦1,500,000 setup fee
This provides a start to the complete HC24 smart home experience without the entertainment part. Specially designed for larger homes, typically 4 - 5 Bedroom duplexes. As the house gets bigger, energy conservation and easy of control becomes more important. We have included the smart lighting switches for the living room lights and air conditioner to get you started.

Includes all of  Home Guardian  plus the following;
Smart Lighting Controller 1
Inline Switch 2
Inline Dimmer 1
Dual Lighting Keypad 1
Heavy Duty Relay Switch 1

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Frequently asked questions

You do not need an internet connection for the security system to work, that is for your arm or disarm your system. However, you need an internet connection on your mobile phone to receive notifications from the system, or to use the HC24 App to monitor the system.

Yes, the Smart Security Panel comes with an in-built battery that can last for at least 24 hours

Yes by all means. The system is purely wireless, which implies that you can easily move with the system to your new home and all your settings and configurations remain the same.

The system notifies instantly. It also provides specific information in notifications like - telling you the specific user that disarmed your system.

Unlike other security system, The HC24 Security System has in-built artificial intelligence that enable it learn your home routines and better optimise your security experience. It is powered by and the QOLSYS IQ Panel which is most advanced home security system software in the market today. 

If you live within our primary locations, you will receive your system within 2 business days. See our Terms of Service documentation.

Yes there is an annual subscription tied to your smart home service plan. This subscription is used to fund the data plan on the 4G LTE SIM that comes with your panel. This ensures that the panel is always online independent of your internet connection. This subsequently ensures the panel can always communicate with your mobile phone to send notifications on system events.

Your security system will function as a manual traditional security system without the added features of Mobile App control, push notifications, automated reminders, and unexpected activity monitoring.

To install this Web App in your iPhone/iPad press and then Add to Home Screen.