Indoor Dome Camera


Product Overview

The ADC Dome Camera is a high-performance fixed camera optimized for indoor and outdoor video monitoring. Its discreet, compact design and outstanding HD quality video make the camera ideal for both commercial and residential video installations. The camera features a vandal-resistant exterior casing with an IP67 rating and Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities.


  • Power Requirement: 12VDC, 10W.

  • Ethernet Connection: 10/100Mbps. 

  • Live Resolution: 1920x1080, 1280x720, or 640x360.

  • Recording Resolution: 1920x1080 or 1280x720.

  • Angle of View: 108°.


  • ADC Dome Camera. 

  • Allen Key (within box)

  • Phillips Screwdriver

  • Screw Gun

  • Screws and Fishers (within box)

  • Drilling Machine (optional)

  • A pre-run Cat-6 (Ethernet) cable (less than 100 metres) from the Network Switch to the installation point.

  • Pencil. 

  • Cloth (within box). 


Clarico-Full Image

Inside the package, you should find:

  • ADC Dome Camera

  • Weatherproof Joints

  • Allen Key

  • Manual

  • Drill Template

  • Cloth

  • Screws and Fishers


For best coverage, the camera should be installed at a corner of the room, preferably the one diagonally opposite to the entry point. 

DO NOT install the camera directly in the way of light rays from fixtures.

DO NOT install the camera in the path of obstacles. As much as the camera has a wide coverage angle, you don’t want to lose any parts of your camera view. 

DO NOT remove the protective film from the glass of the camera until after installation and configuration.

For external mounting, ensure the cable path is placed free from water prone areas. 


Before installing, ensure the following has been checked. Inspect the prepared installation point and confirm that:

Ensure the Cat-6 cable has about 0.5metres sticking out of the ceiling.

Ensure the Cat-6 cable has been crimped with RJ-45 connectors and cable passed.

If installation is in a finished area (with furniture and carpets), cover them with nylon first. You should lay nylon on the floor of the work area too.

Step 1

Tuck in the excess Cat-6 cable into the ceiling. DO NOT tuck it so far in that you can’t easily pull it out again.

Paste the Drill Template sticker on the installation point.

Step 2

Use the Screw Gun and the screw to drill holes into the three screw points on the template. Drill the screws half-way in, and unscrew once the hole has been successfully made on the ceiling.

Step 3

Peel off the drill template and pull the Cat-6 cable out of the ceiling.

Step 4

Use the allen key to loosen the glass cover from the base. Be careful as there is a leash holding the cover to the base.

Step 5

This is the weatherproof joint. This is used to protect the ethernet plug from moisture and dust.

First, slide in the cap first, then the barrel, onto the Cat-6 cable. Then, wrap the band neatly around the mouth of the camera’s Ethernet plug.

Step 6

Plug the Cat-6 cable into the Ethernet plug. A green LED on the camera’s PCB should begin flashing. This indicates that the camera is ON.

Step 7

With the band on, twist the plugged-in Ethernet cable into the smooth end of the barrel till held tight.

Wrap the cable jacket around the Cat-6 cable and push it into the jagged end on the barrel till held tight. Then twist the cap onto the jagged end of the barrel.

Inspect to make sure the cable has been sealed properly.

Step 8

Tuck the cables into the ceiling. Use the Phillips screwdriver to drill in the screws fully into the holes that were made.

Since this is a POP Ceiling, we do not need the fishers to be installed first. 

Step 9

Once secure, cover the glass of the dome camera and seal with the allen screws.

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