Wireless Door/Window Contact



                                                                        The Wireless Power G Door/Window Contact is installed on common intrusion points such as windows and doors, to provide perimeter protection of the premises. The device is designed to communicate with the security system to report openings and closings of doors & windows. Known for its versatility and reliability, the Door/Window contact is an easy to install device ideal for a wide range of environments. With battery life of up to 8 years (with typical use), low battery indication, this sensor is easy to install.


                                                                        • Battery Life: Up to 8 years (typical use)

                                                                        • Battery Type:  3 V Lithium CR-123A type battery


                                                                        Door/Window Contact
                                                                        4.8mm Phillips screwdriver
                                                                        Double-sided sticker(in box) or Double-Sided tape.
                                                                        4.8mm Flat-head screwdriver

                                                                        Screw gun(for mounting with screws)

                                                                        UNBOXING THE DOOR/WINDOW CONTACT

                                                                        Inside the package, you should find

                                                                        • Battery: 3V CR123A Lithium Battery

                                                                        • PowerG Door/Window Contact

                                                                        • Resistor (typically not used)

                                                                        • Magnet

                                                                        • Magnet Lid

                                                                        • Magnet Case

                                                                        • Magnet Sticker (for sticking installation)

                                                                        • Contact Sticker (for sticking installation)

                                                                        • Magnet Mounting Screws (for drilling installation)

                                                                        • Contact Mounting Screws (for drilling installation)

                                                                        INSTALLATION GUIDE

                                                                        MAGNET SETUP

                                                                        Lie the magnet in the magnet casing. Polarity does not matter, so you can place the magnet anyhow.

                                                                        Carefully snap the Magnet Lid into place.

                                                                        BATTERY INSTALLATION /REPLACEMENT

                                                                        STEP ONE

                                                                        Insert a flat-edged screwdriver into the slot and push upward to remove the lid open.


                                                                        STEP TWO

                                                                        Remove the screw and separate the cover from the base


                                                                        STEP THREE

                                                                        Observe polarity and then go ahead and install your battery (Lithium batteries).


                                                                        • Improper handling of lithium batteries may result in HEAT GENERATION, EXPLOSION or FIRE, which may lead to personal injuries. 

                                                                        • Improper installation of batteries may result in the danger of explosion of the lithium batteries. 

                                                                        • Dispose your used lithium batteries appropriately. 

                                                                        STEP FOUR

                                                                        Screw back the cover to place. Finally, snap the lid back into place.

                                                                        Placement Test

                                                                        Before permanently mounting any wireless device, you are advised to perform a Placement Test. This test is used to confirm that your mounting position is within range to the Security Panel.


                                                                        Snap the lid out of place, and remove the cover of the Door/Window Contact.


                                                                        Keep it removed for 5 seconds. Then replace the cover and the lid. 

                                                                        The device now enters Placement test mode for 15 minutes. 


                                                                        Trip the device by joining the Door/Window Contact to the Magnet, and then separating them. This is used to simulate the closing and opening of a door or window.


                                                                        After 2 seconds the LED blinks 3 times. The following table indicates received signal strength.

                                                                        STEP FIVE

                                                                        After 2 seconds the LED blinks 3 times. The following table indicates received signal strength.


                                                                        MOUNTING THE DOOR/WINDOW CONTACT

                                                                        Ideally, when mounting the door/window contact it is highly recommended to attach the door/window contact to the top of the door/window on the fixed frame and the magnet to the door or window.

                                                                        The side of the contact towards the LED indicator should be placed beside the magnet.

                                                                        Mark the position of where the sensor and magnet are to be placed. Ensure that the magnet is located not more than 6 mm (0.25 in.) from the door/window contact’s marked side.

                                                                        Clarico-Full Image

                                                                        MOUNTING ON A REVOLVING DOOR

                                                                        The Door/Window Contact should be placed on the right side (entry point) of the door frame, while the magnet is placed on the door. Depending on preference, multiple magnets may be used for each Door Wing.

                                                                        MOUNTING ON DOORS RECESSED INTO THEIR FRAMES

                                                                        The ideal placement of both contact and magnet will not be possible for these types of doors. Depending on the space you have to work with, the contact and magnet can be mounted in several ways. The main aim is to place the magnet within 6mm of the contact.

                                                                        MOUNTING ON DOORS THAT SWING BOTH WAYS

                                                                        For doors that swing both ways as in the above, it will make sense to mount the contact on the door, while the magnet will be on the frame. This is an exception and is not ideal unless utterly necessary.

                                                                        MOUNTING WITH STICKERS  

                                                                        The Door/Window contact comes with two double-sided stickers; one for the Door/Window Contact and the second for the magnet. Follow these steps to mount the contact using these stickers.

                                                                        STEP ONE

                                                                        Peel away the release liners from the double-sided sticker.


                                                                        STEP TWO

                                                                        Place the sticky part carefully on the Door/Window contact and apply pressure on the sticker evenly for 10 seconds


                                                                        STEP THREE

                                                                        Peel off the second part of the sticker and place firmly on the marked mounting position.


                                                                        STEP FOUR

                                                                        Hold the contact firmly in position for 20 seconds for a firm stick. 

                                                                        STEP FIVE

                                                                        Repeat the steps for the magnet.

                                                                        MOUNTING WITH SCREWS

                                                                        The Door/Window Contact also comes with screws that can be used to mount the devices on doors or windows, where the stickers are not applicable. Follow these steps to mount the contact using screws.

                                                                        STEP ONE

                                                                        With the cover removed, flex the retainer and carefully remove the PCB from it’s back case.

                                                                        STEP TWO

                                                                        Place the back case on the marked mounting position and mark out the drill points. 

                                                                        STEP THREE

                                                                        Drill in the screws to hold down the back case. 


                                                                        STEP FOUR

                                                                        Carefully re-attach the PCB and cover up the Door/Window Contact. 

                                                                        STEP FIVE

                                                                        Repeat the steps for the magnet.

                                                                        ADDING YOUR DOOR/WINDOW TO THE IQ PANEL

                                                                        STEP ONE

                                                                        Swipe down from the top of the IQ Panel Screen, and then press “SETTINGS”.

                                                                        STEP TWO

                                                                        Press “ADVANCED SETTINGS”, then enter Installer Code 1111.

                                                                        STEP THREE

                                                                        Press “INSTALLATION”, and then “DEVICES”.

                                                                        STEP FOUR

                                                                        Press “SECURITY SENSORS”, then “AUTO LEARN SENSORS”.

                                                                        STEP FIVE

                                                                        Snap the lid out of place, and remove the cover of the Door/Window Contact.

                                                                        STEP SIX

                                                                        Press and hold the “Enroll” button until you see the red LED turn on, then release immediately.


                                                                        NB - To manually add the Door/Window Contact, press “ADD SENSOR”, and then input the ID found on the body of the device.

                                                                        STEP SEVEN

                                                                        Rename the Door/Window Contact. Click on the drop-down arrow beside “Sensor Name” and choose an appropriate name or select “Custom Name” for a label not on the list. Then click “Save”. You will hear a voice prompt that your sensor has been added successfully.

                                                                        STEP EIGHT

                                                                        Replace the cover and the lid.

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